Of pink ladies and hot rockets

As with many others, my journey into the past and at the same time into my present life began with a cult film that has no equal: Grease! Even as a pretty little girl I put on Grease's record, threw a pink blanket over my shoulders and marched across the imaginary campus with an exaggerated hip wiggle. Together with Sandy, I smoked my first (chewing gum) cigarette and practiced how to put it out just as sexy as possible with shoes that were much too high for me. I'm still surprised that I didn't break my neck.

When I was about 12 years old and slowly reached puberty, I was very impressed by the elegance and style of Marty Maraschino. Maybe it's because I got my first glasses at that time and it comforted me that glasses can also be beautiful. I still don't have such great cateye glasses with diamonds on it, but at some point I will find them.

About a year later I watched the sequel of Grease. And although I found the film to be quite a copy, I watched it over and over again. I recognized myself so much in the wild, freedom-loving Stephanie, who desires nothing more than a cool rider who rushes along the endless highways with her all night long and kicks up bad guys with a motorcycle. Stephanie, who surely was the tough leader of the Pink Ladies, but didn't want to bow to the rules and customs of this early girl gang and always caused a lot of trouble. By the way, I was always out and about of Paulette from Grease 2. In my opinion the clear voice of Sandy (Olivia Newton John) can't keep up. 

Well, I digress. What I actually wanted to tell is that over the years I have seen myself also in other characters from these two films. Even in Sandy I discovered many parallels to myself. So I don't like to be the center of attention and sometimes I find it terribly difficult to approach others. I'm really anything but cool. Nevertheless, I don't like to subordinate myself and actually like to be the one who sets the tone. Doesn't fit together? Well then, welcome to my world.

When I was asked last autumn if I would like to become a Rocket Babe, my first impulse was to say no. My inner Steph pushed through. Me and a whole bunch of girls who all wear the same jacket and do girly things that follow certain rules and tasks that a Rocket Babe has to fulfill? Certainly not. I rather pack my Cool Rider and let myself be kidnapped in my black leather jacket on his Harley. 

But then my inner frenchie pushed through. I could just go to a meeting and listen to what the ladies have to say. And the jackets are pretty great. So. Awesome, to be honest. Thought, done. So I took part in the first official meeting of this new Girl Gang. And I was terribly nervous. Suddenly there was nothing left of Steph. Not even from Frenchie anymore. There was only Sandy. And then I came through the door and saw those incredible rockets (aaaaah, hence the name!) sitting there. I would have liked to leave again. If my good friend Bixi (you already know her from the great interview I was allowed to do with her) hadn't pushed me straight through the door, I wouldn't be a Rocket Babe today.  Oh no, now I've already revealed the end. Sorry for that!

Thank you dear, for your patience with me and the kick in the ass I needed :-)
Thank you dear, for your patience with me and the kick in the ass I needed :-)

Then there was a round of introductions. Each of the ladies gave incredibly good reasons why she wanted to be a Rocket Babe. I honestly could only listen with one ear, because I was thinking about what to say all the time. Under normal circumstances I would never have had the courage to talk to just one of these gorgeous women. And now I have to explain to a whole bunch of powerwomen why I want to be a Rocket Babe? Yeah, I screwed up by saying something like this: "Actually I'm only here because I was invited. In real life I would never have dared to talk to you." Oh my God. Can it get any worse? Give me a hole please, I would like to disappear. I was waiting for a kick to the door and I was already thinking about the train connections when the girls started laughing and squeezing me and saying "sooo sweet!". I thought they'd all gone crazy. Didn't they listen? But no, I don't think anyone really thought I was ridiculous. Except myself. 

At the end of the evening I was officially accepted as a Rocket Babe. What did I feel? Slight insecurity. Still. Me and so many women? How is that supposed to work out? That was a collection of incredibly beautiful, successful women. Dancers, models, entrepreneurs. And me.

Kelly aka Miss Bonnie K
Kelly aka Miss Bonnie K

I've been in the "gang" for four months now, and if I'm being honest, sometimes I still struggle a little bit with being part of a group. What for many is the fulfilment of their social life is sometimes a challenge for me. I am a mini loner. My individualism is one of the most important things for me. I can't stand it when someone wears the same dress as me. That's why I sew a lot of clothes myself. And now I'm part of a group in which I don't attract much attention with my reserved manner. 

Especially people who know my character often ask me why I am available for such girl gangs at all. Well, the answer is pretty simple. From the outside we might be perceived as a group of superficial girls living out their Grease fantasies and advertising the 50s Rocket (oh, by the way, do you already have tickets?). Others might just enjoy the sight of beautiful women like Zoe Scarlett, who is our founder and organizer of the 50s Rocket, or Betty Raven appearing on the screen. And still others may even be a little jealous and want to be part of it.

But what all outsiders don't know is how big the hearts of these women are. When I wanted to give my resignation as a Rocket Babe because I simply did not have time to represent the interests of the Rockets because of the death of my father and everything related to it, this retirement was simply not accepted. Zoe said that you don't let a friend down when she's going through hard times. And that's exactly what we Rocket Babes are: friends. Honestly, I cried like a little baby, because especially in difficult times like these you sometimes feel a little bit alone. In self-pitying hours, perhaps even as if the burden of the world were on your own shoulders. And it's exactly in those moments that there's nothing better for me than to put on my bright red rocket jacket, put on a little lipstick and let the feeling of belonging to a great group lull me in. Then it doesn't bother me any more that you can't see my individuality from the outside. Because I know exactly that my girls see them very well, just as I see theirs.

Anna aka Betty Raven, photo taken by www.nili-photography.ch
Anna aka Betty Raven, photo taken by www.nili-photography.ch

For example, we have Kelly, such a sweetheart, which radiates such joy of life and cordiality that you can't help but like her. When Kelly laughs, you get the feeling that the whole world is laughing. Or Betty. When she enters a room, everything becomes a little more glamorous and brighter. But what I really like about her is her sensitive nature and how emotional she is. Then we have our Foxy Lady Nicole. Honestly, what would I give to look like her. This woman is really what I call a rocket. But when you spend an evening with her, you are not captivated by her beautiful looks, but by her intelligence. Then there is Zoe. She's so different than you might think from pictures and performances. Sure, she looks like the sex symbol par excellence, but as soon as she opens her mouth, you realize how down-to-earth and wonderfully self-ironic and funny she is. Look: PinUp, Character: Mechanic with a huge heart and similarly big breasts. Sorry Zoe, but that just has to be said *laugh*.

I could talk sooo much about all these women and swarm for hours. About the energy of Bixi, she is just such a bundle of energy. Just like Marny. These two great women have been with me for some time in my life now, for which I am so grateful. Or Martina, who simply infects everyone with her laughter. About Mel, who seems to have energy for 10. Lea, who as a trained seamstress has already given me more than one tip and makes every evening so entertaining. Then there are Ruby and Seline. These two are simply an unbeatable team. What I especially like about them is their love for animals. Then we have Irene, who seems to absorb the glamour of the burlesque. And then Nadia. One evening with her is always one with good conversations. And Maizie. She has such a lovely charisma. I would like to have a beer with her and talk about God and the world. 

A short note: The enumeration of names or the number of adjectives I used in the description is not related to my feelings. I don't keep a secret Rocket Babes ranking because they're all great. I love them all!


And if anyone is still wondering why I'm with the Rocket Babes: When I mentioned that we had to clean our apartment in February and give it back to the owners, Kelly said she was going to start a call the very next day to ask who was helping me clean. I would have enough stress already, they could at least help there. And no, of course I'm not with the Rockets so they can clean up my mess. But just think quietly: with how many people you've only known for a few months or with friends you've known for a long time, would you volunteer to clean their flat? The Rockets would do it for me and I for them. And that's why I'm a ROCKET BABE and proud of it! 

P.S.: All photos were published with the permission of the models.


P.P.S.: The Rocket Mams were not mentioned by name or figuratively, but are an important part of the Rockets!

P.P.P.S: All made statements are not meant evaluating but correspond to my personal feeling.

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