Not really creepy Halloween makeup

I need to out myself. It's finally time for me to admit it publicly: I'm a Halloween grouch. Maybe it's because I belonged to the first generation that hesitantly moved from house to house with an old bed sheet over their heads begging for sweets.  When I rang the doorbell of an old house with my neighbor, whose father is an American and for whom Halloween is one of the  best festivities, I had quite a buzzing. And it turned out, that I was right to feel so. The old woman who opened the door had nothing left for small children with sheets over their heads. When we answered her question "What do you want?" with "Trick or Treat", she took the broom and chased us away. I remember exactly how she called after us, we should disappear, otherwise she would really give us sour things and that we could earn our sweets ourselves. I think she was a real witch.

When I was a teenager I had my second terrible experience with Halloween. My birthday is in October. So for a teenager who wanted to make himself popular with his classmates (I was never popular, really!), nothing is closer than throwing a really great Halloween party. Since I have the best godfather in the world and who also happened to work for an event company, we quickly redesigned my father's carpentry. From a fog machine to multicoloured spotlights to a disco ball, it really had everything a 14-year-old heart could desire! We hung up artificial spider webs for hours, installed neon tubes with ultraviolet light and baked and created disgustingly tasty snacks in the most bizarre colours. And all this just to impress my secret love I had for years.

So that this boy finally takes notice of me, I have put together a sophisticated outfit. I wore a light blue bra (with a snoopy on it, omg!) and a blood-red crochet top over it. So if I was now standing in the ultraviolet light, my bra should flash through the top in a teasing and sexy way. I primed my face with a white stage makeup. Somehow I imagined that pale facial features would look noble on me. I sprayed my hair with orange spray paint. I always had a penchant for coppery hair. In addition then a dramatic eye makeup and of course red lips.

The party was a complete success and we all acted as if we were a little tipsy from the alcohol-free punch. But although I felt really sexy, my swarm didn't take any notice of me, but rather flirted with the sexy witch. When I got to see the photos from the party a day later, I knew why: I looked like a fucking clown! Not even like a creepy clown, no! Like a funny, stupid clown. The fact that I cut my hair off shortly before (that was an accident) and my hair jumped around my head in shaggy, bright orange curls didn't make it any better. It was a real Clown-meets-Pumuckl disaster!

From then on Halloween had died for me - until today. But if there's one thing I've learned in recent years, it's that every now and then you should throw your prejudices overboard and dare a new beginning. But after my clown experience I don't really dare to have a Halloween makeup anymore, so Gabriela was my rescue! So that I don't have to turn down every invitation to a Halloween party in the future, Gaby showed me how to prepare myself for this pumpkin holiday in an exaggerated but effective way. And so that I would be able to fix it on my own in the future, we have made a tutorial about it. For all who have two left hands (like me) when it comes to make-up, here comes the step-by-step guide. Have fun with the repainting!

Tutorial for a not so creepy Halloween makeup (I hate blood):



Ha! No, we're not done already. That's my real face, not a Halloween makeup. I cleaned it thoroughly before the makeup and then primed it with a day cream with UV protection. Then I tied the hair back so that you can massage the makeup into the roots so that there are no bad makeup edges later on.


We start with the eyes. And that's because we'll be applying so much eye shadow. So that it doesn't crumble on the already finished make-up and ruin it, we start with the eyes. We apply a skin-coloured primer, which we distribute evenly on the eyelid up to under the eyebrows. Then we apply a layer of dark green eye shadow to the movable eyelid and blend towards the eyebrow. We blend until a natural transition to the skin tone is achieved.



Above the eyelid crease we now apply an eye shadow in a lighter green. This again serves the purpose of creating a harmonious transition to the natural skin tone. The blending is again towards the top. Blend until no more edges are visible, but everything forms a beautiful transition.





Now we shade the lower lash line with dark green eye shadow. To make the eyes even more dramatic, we emphasize the outermost third of the eye within the lower lash line with a fine black eyeliner.




With a black eye shadow we now form a triangle on the moving eyelid. We have stuck to this line, on which the eye line is drawn in the next step. We let the eye shadow run towards the middle.


The eyeliner can be drawn as dramatically as you want. Basically, the smaller the wings in the corner of the eye, the easier the eyelid line. In order to draw a line that is as even as possible, use a pen or brush in the outer corner of the eye and draw a straight line towards the temple. Connect the tip of the line in a straight line with a point in the outer third of the lash line. The further inside you choose this point, the thicker your eyelash line becomes.



Even if it looks like a torture forceps, it is a pretty useful tool to give your eyelashes a nice swing. Use the eyelash curler on lashes that have not yet been mascaraed and then apply the mascara of your choice. All products Gaby has used in this makeup are cruelty free and can be ordered directly from her.



Clean it up! Now we wipe the crumbs off the eye shadow and cream the face with a colourless primer. Then we apply a concealer under the eyes, on the T-zone, on the bridge of the nose, the dimple in the upper lip below the nose and the chin and blur it carefully (Gaby has already carefully worked the concealer into on the right eye of the picture).


Now we'll put on the makeup. Here you can either use your usual makeup or use a lighter shade. Then take extra care to blur the edges cleanly. And trust me, by "a little brighter" I don't mean snow-white stage makeup. Pale facial features fit very well to Halloween. Somehow reminds me of vampires. Or dead. I chose the color "still pretty alive". Gaby then worked the makeup well into the skin with a brush.


Now we make up the cheek contours with a slightly darker make-up. We lead the brush from the middle of the cheek (from the height approximately in the middle of upper lip and nose) underneath the cheekbone through and pull it in a small arch up towards the temple. It is especially important that the makeup is well blended, otherwise it looks really unattractive. We place the rouge right above the countouring. We start with the laughing cheeks and pull it up in an arc towards the temple.


To give the face even more depth, we use highlighter, which we apply above the rouge. We also apply a little highlighter to the area under the eyebrow arch where there is no eye shadow, to the dimple in the upper lip and to the chin. Then we draw the eyebrows with a pencil. I wished for really square eyebrows, so Gaby just drew them to me. I was so amazed how the eyebrow shape can change a face!


Now it's time for the finish: We first draw the lips with a lipliner that matches the lipstick, so that the lipstick doesn't run out into the tiny wrinkles around the lips. If you don't have a suitable colour, just use a neutral colour for it. Then apply the desired lipstick with a brush and dab off the excess color. Done!

Well, how do you like it? I would like to see your version of it so much, so if you want to make up the tutorial, take a picture of it and send it to me or link me at Instagram so I can repost you! In the gallery below you can see all used products you can get from Gabriela. They are, as already mentioned, cruelty free. The lipstick is by the way from my beauty case and is from my favourite brand exurbe cosmetics. It has the sounding name "Black Widow". How fitting, isn't it?

What fun I had! As hard as I find it to apply makeup myself, I always enjoy it when someone else does it for me. For my part, I've definitely decided to practice diligently. After all, I can use what I have learned in a little more subtle colours for an everyday makeup. And if it has to fit perfectly again, then I know that I can simply get in touch with Gaby. She is, as mentioned, a make-up artist and is very happy to accept bookings to make you even prettier for your occasion!

Now I wish you all a creepy (or not so creepy) Halloween. I am then away and collect sweets.

Your Scarlet Rose

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